Chemotherapy Treatments & Oncology


Discovering cancer growth is a stressful situation for any pet owner and the prospect of chemotherapy can be just as difficult to deal with. In most cases however, the fear that pets will spend their final days sick from chemotherapy treatments is unwarranted.

Chemotherapy medication works by attacking cell growth and division through different mechanisms. The end result is the same, cells that are rapidly growing and dividing are suppressed and cannot renew. Chemotherapy indiscriminately attacks both healthy and cancerous cells. Fortunately, once chemotherapy is discontinued, healthy tissues normally continue to grow and repair themselves.

Chemotherapy can be used as a primary treatment for certain cancers, or it can be used in combination with surgery and radiation therapy. We offer numerous therapies for a variety of cancer types but also understand when an oncology specialist is needed. We may discuss the case with a boarded veterinary oncologist and offer referral as an additional option.
Every pet's situation is different and requires a unique treatment plan. Once a diagnosis is established, our veterinarians will discuss treatment options and the pros and cons of each. Once our clients have enough information to make an informed decision, we are here to support them.