puppy and kitten care

While puppies and kittens are adorable and beloved pets, they can also be overwhelming. At Winnetka Animal Hospital, we understand the the difficulties pet owners face during the first six months of life for puppies and kittens. Our veterinarians are here to assist in providing you and your pet with patience, diligence, and special care.

Considering younger animals are more susceptible to respiratory infections and parasites, we offer full examinations of your new puppy or kitten. The physical exam and fecal test will help prevent any potential health issues. At Winnetka Animal Hospital, we will help to make sure your pet is immunized according to state and local regulations.

Make Winnetka Animal Hospital an all-inclusive resource for you and your pet! We will provide for you not only professional veterinary care, but also advice on common problems and a listening ear. We take pride in discussing anything from housebreaking and training to proper grooming and hygiene with our patients. We are here to help this exciting new addition to your family. Call us at (847) 441-7474 to find out how.