geriatric care

Due to the advancements in nutrition, veterinary care, and education, the lifespan of our pet’s has also increased. While this is certainly a great result, pet owners should consider the necessary geriatric health programs to ensure these older years are equally as healthy.

As your pet ages, its body will go through several changes. Some of these changes may include a decrease in metabolism, a weakened immune system, and problems with the endocrine system. While these disorders are all related to aging, Winnetka Animal Hospital will gladly work with you to develop a geriatric health plan that is tailored to your animal and its breed.

Owner education is the first step in geriatric health. There is quite a bit a pet owner can do, including controlling the medical care, nutrition, environment and behavioral routines of your pet. Owner education can lead to early detection and intervention with the diseases most commonly related to aging. Let Winnetka Animal Hospital work with you to ensure comfortable and pain-free golden years for your pet.